You, you set my soul alight

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Lyrics borrowed from Muse but sentiment all my own. I don’t know what I’d do without you, babe.

Let’s hear it for the boy.

Introducing the two hairy sidekicks…

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Da Boyz

My boys. Too Cute.

Its the most wonderful time of the year….

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Junior doctor intake time. Herds of the little darlings have been chucked out the end of the medical school sausage making machine and have been let loose on the world with only a brand new shiny stethoscope (proudly engraved by mummy and daddy) and a superiority complex to protect them from nasty people who are being completely unfair when attempting to stop them killing patients.

About a week in when it slowly dawns on them that 5 years of medical school has taught them  jack shit about how medicine really works they start to develop a response that can only be likened to that of Pavlov’s dog with tourette’s syndrome. The corridors are full of hysterical newbies clutching pagers and going ‘Fuck. FUCK!!’ whenever it goes off. In the old days, they would drift in in dribs and drabs, but thanks to some schmuck in the DOH who decided that our lives were’nt nearly complicated enough already, they all start ON THE SAME DAY. Not for nothing is the 1st week of August is one of the most popular for annual leave requests.

Sylvi. Ah, Sylvi. Back is 3/4 done and I’m rather proud of it. Yes, I am indeed the world’s slowest knitter. The fun will start when I have to sew the damn thing together. I’m not letting the fact that I’ve never done it before put me of, no siree.

I am not my body (but it does help me knit)

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I am not my body. A part of me exists beyond the flesh and blood that holds me erect.  That part of me is eternal, and never changing. My body may be transient and will die and decay, but that which is really me will live on.

And that part of me gets really pissed off when people like you gawk at me just because I have a few, quite frankly, awesome tattoos. I choose not to look like everybody else. If people choose not to look beyond that to see the person behind them then it’s your problem, not mine.

Other (less ranty) news, I’ve finally cast on my Sylvi.

Never let it be said that I’m not up for a Further updates as and when.

Kittehs are, as usual, damn gorgeous. I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have them. Looks like this kind of motherhood I can actually do….

All the honeys who makin’ money, throw your hands up at me

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One shift down, one to go. On reflection agreeing to do two on-calls back to back was probably not the most sensible move. Had the usual disoriented struggle to sleep today, probably only managed a few worthwhile hours. Think of the money, girl. Think of the money.

Kicking back now watching Eurovision with a laaarge G&T and a cat on my lap. I’m going to be having nightmares about Lithuanian dancing gnomes for days now. Liking Graham Norton as a compere. Much bitchier than Tel ever was, and also appears to be keeping up the tradition of being shitfaced by half time. Hurrah!

On checking my reflection, I’m looking slightly rough

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Dark circles under the eyes. Meh. I think I need more sleep. Correction, I KNOW I need more sleep, I just wish I could convince my brain that the idea is to get gradually more and more sleepy, not more and more wide awake so that it takes less than an hour to drop off.  Staying asleep for more than a coupla hours would be good, too. Maybe my hormones are out of kilter again. Last time I had this problem, turned out I was going through the menopause. Seeing nice doc again next month so will throw myself at her mercy and see what she thinks of my GPs idea that I needed less hormones, not more. Maybe he meant less hormonal?

Work? mad crazy. Somehow in the next two weeks I seem to have committed myself to: 2 audits, 3 solid days work establishing reference ranges on the CS (although much kudos involved in that, as my work will be used to ship kits out to the rest of the country), supervise the lab, kick the slacker locum’s bottom – when he decides to show his face again – and, and, and… Run away to Vegas with me, anyone?

It’s nearly Race for Life time again. I’ll remember to take a hanky this time. I wasn’t expecting last year to be so emotional. It’ll be good to catch up with mum, and she’ll finally get to meet my SIL. I’ve only been married for 4 years..

Aaaand breathe…

•September 26, 2008 • 2 Comments

Fucking spammers. Don’t normally let them get to me, but given my situation at the moment comments saying how happy they were I would be dead soon really fucking made me angry. Even enough to use the c word. Cunts. Can only be somone who knows me, as the link to this is only in one place on the internet that I know of and this SHOULD b invisible to search engines (but we all know how good I am with technology – right?). If it is, they should really fucking get a life.


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